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Lerner Digital™ offers a variety of products to enhance your school or library's digital collections. Your free trial will include selections of each of the following:
eBooks Lerner Digital™ eBooks – Lerner Digital offers thousands of fiction and nonfiction eBooks for readers grades PreK–12. From picture books to YA fiction, informational texts to high-interest nonfiction, our wide variety of fixed-format eBooks support pleasure reading, research activities, and content-area instruction. All eBooks are available as single-user or simultaneous multi-user access that never expires.
Lerner Interactive Books Lerner Interactive Books™ - Three speeds of real voice audio pair with text highlighting to support beginning, struggling, and newly fluent readers in grade K-6. Each title includes 2 activities and a comprehension quiz. These interactive titles are perfect for engaging readers one-on-one or sharing with a small group or whole classroom. All Interactive Books™ are available as simultaneous multi-user access that never expires.
NEW! Audisee™ eBooks with Audio Audisee™ eBooks with Audio - Featuring single-speed professional narration and text highlighting. Audisee titles draw in reluctant readers and support auditory learners in grades K-12. Readers can enjoy a wide range of high-interest offerings, from graphic novels and high/low teen fiction to sports and pop culture topics. All Audisee® eBooks with Audio are available as single-user or simultaneous multi-user access that never expires.
Lerner Audiobooks Lerner Audiobooks – Now available directly in the Lerner Bookshelf! With 400 titles to choose from and a completely intuitive audiobook player, Lerner Audiobooks will get kids listening and learning.

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